Hugo Artman is a young french painter born in Paris, studying in Grenoble & Shanghai.
He is inspired by the unknown of water, the dream state and the mysterious of the mind. His artworks brings about the feeling of powerful and unpredictable streams of water, and the legend of Koi, where the fish meets the upstream and finally becomes a dragon. The fish that he paints resembles the artist himself, passionate and full of magical potentials.
Adventurous & passionate, he paints with a variety of technics for acrylics, dark inks and digital tools.
He had exhibitions in Barcelona and Paris already.


"As a self-taught painter, I was nourished by various inspirations: abstraction, surrealism, comics and art brut. I want that by the force of movement and the hypnosis of the void, the eye is lost, violent and calms down in front of the canvas before finding a meaning of its own."

Hugo Artman


2020 :

Fev. : Exposition collective Galactic Odyssey à Vitry-sur-Seine.

2019 :

Dec. : Exposition collective Art’Fact 5 au Kremlin-Bicêtre.

Avr. : Exposition résidente Golden Dawn a la Buena Onda, Barcelone.

Jan.- Fev. : Exposition collective Artagem à La Belle Electrique, Genoble.


2018-2019 : Présidence de l’association culturelle grenobloise Artagem.

2017- 2019 : Direction Artistique de l’association musicale solidaire grenobloise Roots’n’Culture.

2014 : Illustration du recueil de poèmes Dark Shadows of my Life de Sarah Evans, edition Bookelis.