Korean Painting/Still Life

Since her major is Korean painting, nature is the subject that Kelly Jang is most familiar with. Among the various fields of Korean painting, she liked landscape painting, mainly sketching in mountains and transferring the sketches to a large screen. In college, she learned how to sketch an entire mountain, looking up from the bottom of the mountain, and then sketch again from the middle of the mountain and again from the top. One can sketch a mountain through the special perspective, three-way method of Korean painting, and then put the whole mountain back on one screen. She was fascinated by the way the artist's steps and memories were reproduced on the big screen in the process of transferring them. When Jang was in Korea, she made several attempts to draw landscape paintings in her own style in a modern way, and she wanted to express the theme of ‘Paradise Time’ focused in her thesis by combining it.

Then, after coming to the Netherlands, the artist came across the concept of vanitas and still life paintings in Flemish art. By expressing natural objects as still-life paintings, ‘Vanitas' message of 'Memento Mori_Remember death', 'paused(still) time' characteristic of an oriental paradise, and 'something that we cannot recognize,' surrounding us, is only visible when viewed from afar. ' contains the message.


“ A landscape that contains still-time and life. My visual artworks are like collage of images to write poetry.”

Kelly Jang


Ph.D in the Department of Science of Fine Art at Graduate School of Hongik University, Seoul Korea / Date of Graduation Feb 22, 2013 

A Master´s Thesis 2004「A study on the painting of Peach Blossom Land」 

A Doctor´s Thesis 2013「A study on the Expression of the Peach Blossom Spring as the Paradise of Life」 



17 times at South Korea, China, Netherlands, Germany 2004-2018

Teaching at Korean Painting Course (Pier K, Netherlands)