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Monique Dukker is a Dutch artist who is based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Dukker's paintings are inspired by nature, colour and movement. She specialises in abstract, landscapes and pigment studies.
Her use of colours is varied and thoughtful. She is a calm, joyful and emotional individual that tries to capture her experience through nature as naturally as possible.
Her landscape paintings show water and fields of the Netherlands. Beautiful rural landscapes remind of humble and earthly beauty that can be seen all over the Netherlands.
Her joyful and powerful brushstrokes and vivid expressions in her abstracts are very sensitive, without being overly emotional.

Abstract blue line, acrylic on paper-20-30cm-jaartal 2021-prijs 75 euro.jpg

"My works are strongly inspired by nature. I'm fascinated by color and movement. My aim is to capture nature's essence in my choice of colours, composition and the movements of my brush strokes. Nature's mediative quietness is at the core of my larger pigment paintings. I'm perpetually seeking to develop my ability to express natures qualities and do so in many different ways."

Monique Dukker


1989–1993 BA Fine arts teacher, Witte Lelie, Amsterdam


1994-2021 Art teacher (Haarlem)
1997-2002 Art teacher (self-employed)
1999–2001 Art teacher drawing, Schoter Lyceum, Haarlem
1997-2002 Art teacher
Haarlem Volksuniversiteit
2003-2021 Art teacher(drawing) and mentor students Health-childcare , PW 3 and 4, Nova College


1993- Literary café Miller in Amsterdam
1994- Kunstlijn Haarlem
1995- Kunstlijn Haarlem, Stompe Toren church Spaarndam  
1996- The Waag Haarlem
1996- Building North Holland (work sold to the Provincial government)
1997- Gallery Zaandam
1997- Gallery Jos Art Amsterdam
1997- Vleeshal Haarlem Group exhibition KZOD
1998- Vleeshal Haarlem- Group exhibition KZOD
1998- Vishal Haarlem-Group exhibition Vis á Vis
1998- De Waag Haarlem                                   
1999- Vishal Haarlem-Duo exhibitions (funded)
2000- Stompe Toren church                            
2002- Group exhibition Concertgebouw
2002- Duo exhibition de Waag                         
2002- Group exhibition Vleeshal
2002- Group exhibition Buitenhuis
2002- Group exhibition Vishal, photos and film (honourable mention) competition still life
2003- Group exhibition Vishal organized Bas Heijne                        
2003 -Group exhibition Vleeshal (video)
2004 -Group exhibition Vishal (members exhibition )                                   
2003 - Kunstlijn             
2005 –Duo exhibition de Waag
2006- Exhibition showcase Vishal
2006- Group exhibition Seinhuis
2006- Group exhibition Vishal
2007- Exhibition ABC Gallery The Hague
2007- Group exhibition Gallery Oost99 Hoorn           
2005- Group exhibition Gallery Het Kunstbedrijf
2009- Photo-exhibition Gallery Lotard Eindhoven
2009- Exhibition in the KOLK Spaarndam
2011- Renewing and refining duo Group exhibition in the Vishal
2012- Duo exhibition, The Waag with Richard Kuiper, Video and paintings
2012- Kunstlijn
2014- KZOD (), Group exhibition, Kloosterspreis
2016- KZOD Photo exhibition in the Kloosterbanen
2016- Kunstlijn
2017- Duo exhibition in the Waag
2017- Paul Huf/ KZOD Photo exhibition in the Kloosterspreis
2017- Member exhibition Vishal
2017- Art library Atvark (2 videos)
2018- Group exhibition KZOD Cloisters
2019-2020- Group exhibition in the Vishal
Curator: Els Hoekstra
Painting sold to Margreet Bouwman, artistic
director Vishal
Painting sold to Gallery Kruisweg
2021- Gallery van Dun Paintings
2021-2022 ECC Venice Italy Personal structures

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